Year 10 Art

This work from our Year 10 Art class goes out to all the women and children that have been displaced overseas and in Aotearoa. We decided to make this because of our recent Well Wahine Week and International Women’s Day coming up, and because of everything happening in Ukraine. Stay Strong. Grace Ure

While creating the art pieces I thought about all the women who were fleeing Ukraine as I painted. I used a wide range of colours to represent all the emotions women must be feeling all over the world right now. While drawing all the forms, I tried to make sure that they were all connected, just like how us women all over the world are connected and are constantly sending each other thoughts of support. Willow Lawton

While doing this activity I was thinking about all the things women have been through. The fight for equality and rights, being looked down on, worthless, opinion of no value and so on. I thought about how far we have come and how much we deserve importance. I also thought about the people who need strength and maiatanga and all the values these art forms represent in Ukraine and those protesting in Russia and the whole world, to the people who are fighting for their lives and improvement in our society. Charlie Keepa

The colours we used are inclusive of all people, to represent women from all cultures, including the LGBTQ+ community. We also used multiple colours that represent the many emotions that women and children must feel in these horrific times. The forms we used are from our Māori culture and the art form of kowhaiwhai. Some of the forms are the koru to symbolise new beginnings, the koiri to represent our connection to people and the land, and the kape, kaperua, patiki, ngutu kaka, and mangopare. Milani Price and Legacy-Jaye Tangaere-Pohatu.

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