Gisborne Girls’ High School had two senior debate teams competing in the Hawkes Bay Regional Debate Competition today via Zoom. Our teams were: GGHS Green: Myah Houthuijzen, Makayla Douglass, and Riley Hoet. GGHS Blue: Henarata Pishief, Eilish Cairns, and Ella Whibley.

The first round moot was: This house believes that the government should ban any medical treatments or therapies that do not have specific evidence that they are effective. Both teams won their first round. 

The second debate moot: That senior leadership within school (e.g. Principals/Deputy Principals) should be required to be qualified teachers.

Debating round 2 complete and both teams have won both debates again!

After four debates in total today, both teams went away with 3 wins which is an amazing feat! Although our teams did not make the final debate round, our members did win some amazing awards:

Promising Speaker: Henarata Pishief
Best Speaker: Riley Hoet (zooming in from isolation)

Reserve for the Hawkes Bay Regional Debate team: Ella Whibley
Third Speaker for the Hawkes Bay Regional Debate team: Riley Hoet

An excellent and exhausting day with extremely talented young wahine.  They all did our school proud!

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