Faculty Awards

Congratulations Gracie Maxwell (Year 12) for receiving the award for Drama for 

stepping into a leadership role within her group to ensure the group has a strong 

vision and is working hard and on task to create a solid piece of theatre.

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Congratulations to Grace McVey for receiving the award for Music for 

creating a body of creative work for composition, band and solo duo 

and always being open to feedback to make it the best it can be.  

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Congratulations Nicole McLean yr 11 for receiving the award for 

Visual Art for outstanding and creative first tasks at L1. 

Independent, motivated, and experimental work.

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DRAMA- Abigail Burn (Year 10) For working hard and overcoming 

nervousness to create an engaging and effective solo monologue 

performance for assessment.

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MUSIC -Abby Harvey

For showing a huge step up in confidence. Singing on

her track and smashing her solo performance. 

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ART - Aaliyah Maile for outstanding quality of work and 

effort both at school and for homework. Awesome attitude!

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Fariha has been awarded the Technology TSA award for showing manaakitanga to 

her teacher by coming back to school especially to bring some of her homemade 

Bangladeshi kai when she knew the teacher would not be going home until 8pm.

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